Micciché elected Lega A chief

TopNews. Banker Gaetano Micciché was unanimously elected president of the Lega Serie A on Monday. Micciché was proposed by Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) chief Giovanni Malagò.


Soccer: Napoli cut Juve's lead to two points

TopNews. Napoli revived their Serie A title bid when they beat Genoa 1-0 at home on Sunday thanks to a Raul Albiol header to cut Juventus's lead at the top of the table to two points.

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FTSE MIB-0.98%-


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Election 2018

Election 2018First step for new parliament is to elect speakers

Election 2018: what happens next?

It will take at least a month, and perhaps a lot more, before Italy gets a new government after Sunday's general election, which failed to produce a clear winner. The new Lower House MPs and Senators should be able to register in parliament March 8-9.

FactboxKey part of anti-establishment movement's electoral programme

Factbox: M5S's basic income

The 5-Star Movement's (M5S) proposal to introduce a basic-income benefit, the so-called 'citizenship wage', was a key part of the anti-establishment group's electoral campaign.

Analysis by Istituto Cattaneo

Past election laws would not have produced majority either

If Sunday's general election failed to produce a majority in parliament it is not solely the fault of the 'Rosatellum' election law, according to an analysis by Bologna's Istituto Cattaneo.

Centre right top coalition in hung parliament

M5S and League win big in Italian elections

Centre right top coalition in hung parliament.

Election 2018Basic income, scrapping 400 laws inc Fornero and Good School

Election 2018: M5S manifesto

The election manifesto of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, recently presented with a solemn pledge by leader Luigi Di Maio, vows to scrap 400 "useless" laws to free up the Italian economy as well as pleasing voters by reforming an unpopular 2011 pen...


No jobs for young is 'social sin' says Francis

Young must never get used to corruption - Pope

No jobs for young is 'social sin' says Francis.

Anthony Sablan Apuron stripped of office

Guam archbishop found guilty in child-abuse case

The Vatican said Friday that a canon trial against Anthony Sablan Apuron, Archbishop of Agaña, Guam, over allegations that included accusations of sexual abuse of minors has concluded with the defendant being found guilty of some charges.

Business shd work for people says Francis

No kickbacks says Pope

Pope Francis said Thursday that managers should not give or take kickbacks. He said there many managers who were ready to "sacrifice" their companies "for their own interests".

Talks should include areas of disagreement - Secretary of State

Dialogue possible with everyone-Vatican's Parolin says after election

Talks should include areas of disagreement - Secretary of State.

Church values politicians who work for most fragile

Never resign yourselves to inequality- Pope tells politicians

Pope Francis told a group of French lawmakers that they should never resign themselves to social injustice during an audience in the Vatican on Monday.

Former Archbishop of San Salvador murdered in 1980

Romero, Paul VI set for sainthood after pope OK

Former Archbishop of San Salvador murdered in 1980.