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Lack of human respect diminishes our humanity tells IOM

Migrants used as bargaining chips says Pope

Migrants are increasingly being used as bargaining chips and are becoming the victims of political rivalries, Pope Francis said in a video message to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Monday.

'Still discriminated against', pontiff says ahead of Dec 3 Day

'Church loves you', Pope tells disabled people

Pope Francis has told people with disabilities that "the Church loves you and needs each one of you to carry out its mission at the service of the Gospel" in a message for International Day of Persons with Disabilities, celebrated on December 3.

Ahead of first national day for abuse victims

Protecting teens, kids is an essential duty, Pope says

Pope Francis on Wednesday said protecting and respecting children and teens is an essential duty, speaking on the eve of the first national day of prayer for victims and survivors of abuse promoted by the Italian Bishops Conference (CEI).

But there is hope to walk together as 'we' Francis tells Astalli

Anti-migrant walls a return to the past says Pope

Building walls against migrants like the ones going up on the Poland-Belarus border is a return to the past, Pope Francis said Tuesday.

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