- 21 set.- 18:36

Rhizen Pharmaceuticals AG Announces First Patient Dosed in a Phase 2 Study of RP7214 in Covid-19 Patients

Business Wire.
  • First study of RP7214, a DHODH inhibitor, in Covid-19 patients with mild, symptomatic disease on the background of promising preclinical efficacy & Phase 1 healthy volunteer safety
  • Randomized, placebo-controlled Phase 2 study is designed to evaluate the effect of RP7214 on viral load & clearance, disease biomarkers and clinical improvement in patients’ status along with the tolerability and immunomodulatory activity of RP7214.
  • RP7214 is expected to function by inhibiting the DHODH enzyme on host cells and limit their ability to support viral replication. This unique mechanism of action, if successful in the clinic, is expected to be complementary to other antiviral drugs that directly inhibit the virus.
  • Future plans may include testing RP7214 in partially/fully vaccinated patients with breakthrough covid-19 infections as part of a broader clinical development program. As infections continue to persist and spread despite increasing vaccinations, there is growing need for a convenient oral anti-viral treatment option that patients can potentially self-administer at home while will in turn reduce burden on the healthcare infrastructure and allow resumption of economic activity.
- 21 set.- 17:07

project44 Buys Last-Mile Delivery and Customer Experience Leader, Convey, in $255M Acquisition

Business Wire.
  • Addition of Convey extends project44’s real-time visibility and exception management to last mile, including parcel, courier, white-glove doorstep delivery, and visibility into item returns
  • Acquisition creates definitive global leader in modern digital supply chain technology powering the world’s largest businesses
  • New AI capabilities from Convey improve collaboration, bolster workflow automation and defend against business disruption with end-to-end visibility and predictive order intelligence
- 21 set.- 15:58

Chase arriva nel Regno Unito per offrire ai consumatori un'esperienza bancaria semplice e appagante

Business Wire.
  • Chase introdurrà un conto corrente gratuito che abbina caratteristiche di gestione dei fondi e ricompense monetarie sulla spesa quotidiana con carta di debito
  • I clienti di Chase possono accedere alla loro banca mediante un'app mobile intuitiva e raggiungere l'assistenza clienti 24/7, senza doversi affidare alle chat bot
  • I nuovi clienti possono far parte di Chase registrandosi su chase.co.uk
- 21 set.- 15:00

Davos Alzheimer's Collaborative, World Economic Forum Announce Major Milestones in the Global Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Business Wire.
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia impacted more than 55 million families worldwide and cost the global economy US$1.3 trillion in 2019, reaching an estimated cumulative cost of $20 trillion over the next decade
  • Since its launch in January, DAC has nearly completed financing of its foundational phase and is orchestrating the most ambitious global effort yet to combat the Alzheimer’s crisis by linking and building on existing efforts through several key initiatives, with a business plan built on the input of hundreds of experts
- 21 set.- 14:00

Boehringer Ingelheim Acquires Abexxa Biologics to Further Expand its Research Efforts in Cancer Immunology and Novel Immunotherapeutic Approaches

Business Wire.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim aims to develop novel cancer therapies by leveraging Abexxa’s unique technology and breakthrough antibody-based drugs.
  • Abexxa’s focus is on the development of specific antibodies to intracellular antigens presented by the non-classical MHC Class I molecule, HLA-E (human leucocyte antigens), enabling the development of cancer immunotherapies potentially benefiting a broader range of patients and cancer types.
  • The addition of Abexxa’s expertise complements Boehringer Ingelheim’s current approaches to the treatment of difficult-to-treat solid cancers and especially those resistant to available immunotherapies.

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